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Moby Dick is on hold. I am currently reading Aasmund Olavsson Vinje's articles from Drammens Tidende from 1851. Norway fell under Danish rule for over 400 years, till we got our own constitution in 1814, just before we were forced into union with Sweden till 1905. Today, Vinje is famous in Norway for breaking with writing Norwegian in Danish, and rather write in a manner closer to the language of rural Norway - nynorsk or new Norwegian, like Ivar Aasen. However, in my local newspaper from 1851, this has not happened yet... He writes in Danish about the growth of the journals, journalism and its growing influence as a fourth power in Europe. Entertaining, biting and very interesting.
Black Theology and Black Power -- James H, Cone
Ignition!:  An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants -- John Drury Clark

I can't recommend Ignition enough!  It is hilarious, dark, and super informative.
I finished Angel of the Revolution and am now listening to The Invasion of 1910 by William Le Queux. It was written several years prior to WW1 but is about a German invasion of England. It is not bad but a little on the technical side. The librivox reader speaks a little on the fast side but is ok.